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I provide commercial photography to businesses of all sizes and for anything from illustrating website to PR and marketing materials to advertising.

Some examples of my commercial photography are available on the right for you to view.

It may also help if you cast your eye over the main FAQs, below, which give you more information about what I can do and why it’s so important to use high quality photography to promote your business.

Your Commercial Photography Questions Answered

How many days of photography do we need to allow?

It all depends on how much you want photographed, and how quickly we can get through it all.  Some things take longer than others-if you need to arrange a fleet of vehicles this can take much longer for a single image than a series of breakfast table shots for a B&B, for example.

I suggest, as a guide, that if you just want your website illustrated and have a nice collection of extra photos to keep in stock then you should start with a day.  On the otherhand, if you have very limited shots that you need it may be that these can be done in little more than a couple of hours.  I offer flexible hourly, half day and daily rates so you only pay for the time you actually need me.  We can then review what we’ve got and if you want more, no problem.

We’re tempted to just bite the bullet and pay substantially for a PR company to just handle the whole rebrand, including the photography, for my website-should we do this?

This depends what you want to achieve.  If all you need is a set of new, creative photographs for your website and marketing materials and a good stock of images to draw upon in the future then I see no reason why you should have to use an agency. 

Cut out the middle man, I say, and lets work together on producing the photographs you need rather than paying extra to an agency only for them to send their photographer in and do the same exercise with you at much higher cost.

If you have a web designer already then all you need is to give a bit of time and thought to how you want this illustrated (which you can do with me and the web guy/girl) and we can easily produce a shoot list of specific shots you need between ourselves, work out what is involved in each shot and see how this can be fitted into your budget.

How much do you cost?

You hire me by the hour for £75.00 for very short or quick jobs.  For bigger jobs, my daily rate is £400.00 and a half-day is £250, plus expenses such as travel and subsistence.  


What can we expect from you if we hire you?

I used to be a commercial lawyer and whilst I’m glad to be free from all that now I’m still meticulous with detail, well organised and very structured in how I go about planning your photography.  Photography is arty and fun for me but only because underpinning that is sound research, planning and preparation done alongside you.

So, you can expect from me:

• a full marketing and brand photography planning meeting where we hammer out what you need your photography for and what you need it to do for you.
• Close communication with you or your nominated person for sorting out the details involved in pre-shoot planning
• Provision of professional quality portable lighting, rather than extra hiring costs
• A solid days work, from dawn ‘til dusk if necessary
• All editing and post production of images
• Images provided in low, web resolution, and a hi res copy for your in-house library.
• Staff portraits in either a studio or location setting.

Why is it important to have good quality photographs for the business’ website, PR and marketing materials-can’t we just snap away ourselves?

You can but you’ll regret it.  Ask yourself this-if you have invested time and money in good website and brochure design and written good punchy text, why are you going to undermine this with poor photography?  People see and react to images first-why else do newspapers have huge pictures on their front page?  If your pictures are poor people will make immediate negative assumptions about your business and it’s level of quality.

With good, professional photography your business will look as good as it deserves to.  You will also have a handy stock of images you can use in future without having to commission someone again or use the office junior with their point and shoot camera!

Why are you a good choice for doing photography of my business and my staff?

Your photography should not be generic; instead it should give your business an identity and a ‘look’ and ‘feel’ that compliments your branding and how you want people to see you.  I will produce photographs of your business that are bespoke and tailored to you and what you do.  This will help you’re your PR & marketing materials have some life and a strong, real identity with the people in your business who will be dealing with your customers.  I'm experienced at working on location and with people and I ensure you receive a collection of photographs that will give your business a greater sense of identity through your website and other printed marketing campaigns.

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