Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

This particular morning was the most exhilarating I have ever experienced in terms of the variety of light and conditions that prevailed over a period of two hours. On arrival, thick cloud subdued the pre dawn light, but slowly it dispersed, offering opportunities as the cloud lifted and picked up some colour. Then it was completely clear, offering harsh but quite brilliant blue skies before some cloud began to pass over again, buoyed by a stiff breeze. It was during this last phase of light that I came up with this photograph. The movement in the cloud offered the chance to creatively blur it with a long exposure and the light that filtered through the gaps was still warm and saturated on the landscape. I used a ten stop B&W neutral density filter and a 3 stop Lee neutral density graduated filter to control the tonal range of the shot and capture it all in one single exposure. EOS 5DMKII, 17-40mm f11, 90secs ISO 100.

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