Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

I remember playing here as a child and finding Bodiam captivating; it's a perfect looking castle with a moat and classic, stocky design-a real medieval fortress. On arrival, pre dawn, I was satisfied the sky was clear enough to provide some directional lighting and found an angle that would reveal it in advance. In an ideal world, mist would have swirled around the foot of the castle lending extra atmosphere to the shot but things like that are very much in the 'added bonus' category. I was keen to ensure the photograph wasn't flat and lacking in depth-a straight forward shot of the castle reflected in the water would be nice, but not all that engaging. I looked for something to provide depth and extra interest and these hanging trees were perfect as they also framed the Keep and added further mystery to this view of Bodiam castle. EOS 5DMKII, 17-40mm, 1/20 f11 ISO 50. 3 exposures stitched together.

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