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Field Notes

Quintessential views of England don't come better than Corton Denham; a little village in traditional Bath stone with a church spire poking above the tree line nestled in a rolling green landscape is a recipe for success. On this visit I was aware that the light was weak and the colours in the sky flat and dull so I felt I needed to exclude them. I often do this, even if the sky is nice because unless it adds something to a scene it can be a distraction or an over complication. Indeed, even the nicest sky, stripped in across the top third of a panormaic shot like this would detract from what's going on below. Less is more, I so often find in landscape work. Perhaps a lower view point would have made the sky a more logical inclusion but, as it was, it wasn't worth including and this elevated view gave a good open shot of the village and the surrounding fields, free from anything above that might upset the balance and harmony of the photograph. EOS 5DMKII, 24-70mm, 1/30sec f8 ISO 100.

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