Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

I had no real intention of photographing this castle; I was on my way to Skye and made nothing more than a break in the journey as this view is nothing more than a pull-over onto the slip road off the main road to Skye. When I arrived there was thick cloud and the midday light was flat and dull. However, mountain conditions are often very transitory and before my eyes the clouds began to break allowing crystal clear light in and the opportunity for a good photograph. I hadn't scouted the area in the short time available and this view seemed as good as any so I just went with the flow and recorded the unfolding light. If ever a photograph demonstrated the importance of clouds to add interest to a sky this is it; without them the flat blue sky would render the image quite flat and uninteresting. Indeed, once the sky had cleared the show was over and then moments later it completely clouded over once more! That's Scotland for you... EOS 5DMKII, 24-70mm.

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