Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

This Quoit holds a lot of mystery and intrigue; it's so ancient it's true purpose is not fully understood. I wanted to capture this sense of mystery with some kind of celestial connection and resolved to photograph it at night against a deep, midnight blue sky. Of course the Quoit isn't lit by stars; I've used a head torch with a cool colour temperature to bathe it in light that matches the ambient light from the sky and the granite rock of the Quoit. Crucial to this image succeeding, I think, is the low view point and wide angle lens. In order to give the Quoit a sense of strength and endurance it's necessary to accentuate it's height and design and my Gitzo tripod was invaluable in getting the camera no more than 9 inches above ground level. EOS 5DMKII, 17-40mm, 30secs, f6.3 ISO 100.

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