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Field Notes

A landscape photographer can't fail to be inspired by the swathe of vibrant yellow fields that spring forth with oilseed rape each year. Photographing them is tricky though; they bloom at their best for a few short days and coinciding this with appropriate light is as much chance as it is good planning. Just outside Bath I spotted this hillside and felt it had the potential for a good shot with a blue sky. The hill races upwards rapidly creating a sea of yellow with nothing but a vibrant sky beyond to contrast the colour. I'm not naturally drawn to the simplistic or abstract in photography and it's surprising how hard it can be to make it work. I'd had the idea of setting a rape field against a blue sky for a long time but had always imagined it would be a panoramic. Being prepared to change your plans when the scene in front of you is whispering other ideas and suggestions is vital to coming away with a photograph that works, rather than trying to impose every pre conceived idea we may have had onto a scene that doesn't suit them. EOS 5DMKII, 24070mm, 1/125 f11 ISO 200.

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