Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

This photograph is very special to me; on one level it typifies England; a medieval castle perched on a hill surrounded by rolling green landscape. On a personal level it is special for being entirely my own creation and free from any prior artistic influence on how to photograph this scene. Often, castles like Dunstanburgh, for example, are so well photographed that it's virtually impossible to come up with something entirely new and original; they are more variations of existing work, however good they might be. For this photograph, my location searching and previsualising led me to this idea for a composition. It was May and I needed dawn light. After two failed attempts the third morning brought with it just the light I was after and I remember walking back to the B&B for breakfast with a real spring in my step. This is one of the few photographs I feel will be hard to reproduce and, therefore, I offer it for sale as a limited edition (250 print run) print. Nikon D200, 17-50mm lens, 1/15 sec, f8, ISO 100. Six exposures merged

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