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Field Notes

This photograph is special to me; I've won two competitions with it and it was one of my first serious attempts at making a landscape in my mind before committing it to film, a proces described by Ansel Adams as 'previsualising.' Shot on a old film camera with the amazing Fuji Velvia slide film, the scan cannot quite convey the tones captured in the print version. One judge, Charlie Waite, said that what made the picture work so well was not just the impressive sky with it's sense of energy and movement but also the way the bridge snakes through the picture from left to right without quite disappearing from view on the far right hand side. At the time, I could anticipate that a long exposure was likely to work because the wind pushed the clouds across the sky and the sunset was coming together nicely. But without immediate feedback from a LCD, which we have on our digital cameras, I couldn't see if it was working or if my exposure was correct. Of all the frames I recorded, this is by far the best as the sky doesn't quite have that sense of drama and tension which this one does. Nikon FE2, 35-105mm, Fuji Velvia, exposure details not recorded.

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