Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

The landscape always has the capacity to surprise me; this shot was not even on the cards judging by the heavy skies. And yet after some time spent exploring this solitary, evocative stonework I noticed a small but distinct hole in the sky casting a beam of light. I could only hope it would pass in such a way as to give me some useful light for a shot. There's no secret to times like this other than being there, set up and ready with your ideas planned and your senses tuned in. I react, think fast, adapt to the light's direction. I draw on my years of experience and shoot according to my instinct. These moments last but a few seconds so there simply isn't time to consult exposure tables or hyperlocal distance calculators. A quick check on the histogram for each exposure reassures me I've got the data I need. Shooting into the light provided the extra drama with the shadow racing across the grass towards the foreground; a technique I enjoy using. Coupled with the dramatic cloud made all the more contrasty by the bright light from the right and the photograph has come to me as much by accident as design. An experience that is therefore as satisfying for the preparation put in as exhilarating for the unpredictable way in which it so unexpectedly came together.

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