Alex Hare Photography

Alex Hare Photography

Flower Photography & Photobook Making Workshop

£295.00 - £295.00 Deposit

Pleae email me to register for this workshop next June when we hpe to be able to run it again.

2 days of Flower Photography and Photobook Making

This workshop combines the techniques and creative skills of flower photography at Bordehill, a beautiful country house in West Sussex, with a second day of photobook making instruction where you will create your own hand made hardback photobook to display your images.

Your course fee includes a full day of training and creative guidance from a leading light in this genre; Sue Bishop and the instruction, tools and materials you will need to produce a beautiful, hard back, photo display book of your own design and creation. 

Our venue has a café on site for tea/coffee and light lunches.

Our friends at fotospeed are supporting this event and they will be here to help you print some of your favourite images from Day 1 (or a selection of your existing portfolio if you don’t have time to process your flower photographs overnight) on a range of their excellent papers. This is a great opportunity to see the power of home printing as part of the creative process from image creation, to print to photobook display.

If you don’t have any files to print, don’t worry!  We will design and make a book together for when you have your prints ready, however, we highly recommend taking advantage of their technical help on the day and the opportunity to see your photos on some of their beautiful photo papers.

On day 1 we will be based at the beautiful country gardens of Bordehill where you will learn about the techniques of flower photography from Sue before you produce you own photography in the gardens.

On day 2 we will reconvene and learn how to make a simple but beautiful hand made photo display book for your work.  

Under Alex’s guidance, you will learn about paper, folding techniques and tools, different types of hand made book and basic book design skills before creating your own hard back book ready for a small selection of your flower photography to be included.  Alex will also discuss the role of sequencing in bringing a carefully curated and themed collection of photographs together into a book.

Anyone who requires accommodation, there are plenty of nearby options to suit all budgets.

Please note, this workshop is subject to a minimum number of 6 participants so please ensure any accommodation you book includes free cancellation in the event the workshop cannot be run.  You fee will be refunded in full. We will notify you not less than 7 days prior to the workshop in the event it cannot proceed.  We will also notify you as soon as we have sufficient numbers so you can know it is proceeding at the soonest opportunity.

Flower Photography & Photobook Making Workshop FAQs

  • What kit do I need for flower photography?

    A camera, tripod and a selection of lenses - ideally a telephoto and/or a macro lens.  If you have any extension tubes these will also be useful and I recommmend a set of three made by Kenro.

    Tripods are definitely desirable.  Also spare batteries and memory cards and any portable reflectors you may have.  A Lastolite 30cm reflector is a very good and afffordable one I can recommend, readily available from many shops and online, click here for a link.

    Filters are not essential, althoough a polariser will always be handy on ocassion and some neutral density filters can help with creating motion blur for the occasssional shot that might benefit from it.  We hope to have some filters from Lee availble for this workshop if you wish to borrow and try these out but their scope for use will be limited as they aren't essential for this genre of photography.

    Also, bring comfortable foot wear and clothing for any kind of weather and a plastic sheet or soft mat (e.g. a roll mat) for extra comfort kneeling down on any damp ground.

    Water bottle will be handy as at times we will be out in the open so sun cream is a good idea.

  • Why Are Photobooks a Good Idea?

    A photo book is a medium for displaying our work, from simple triptychs through to larger collections of images that might otherwise remain only on a hard drive.  

    Perhaps you have a collection of photos on a theme or from a specific trip or location and would like to display without having to single one or two out for being a larger framed print? 

     Photobooks make displaying a series of images easy and fun and making a photobook is simple and thoroughly enjoyable craft skill that is easy to learn.  With the skills to make your own book, you will have complete creative control over the whole process, from image creation to printing and display. The materials and equipment is simple and relatively cheap and it is a nice extension to the craft of photography and image making.

  • Why is Printing a Good Idea?

    Printing is exciting!  So many of us have so many files (photographs!) on our hard drives collecting cyber dust and printing gives us a means to turn them into a physical object we can enjoy and display in various ways. Home printing is a thoroughly enjoyable extension to the creative process of image making and gives us complete control over how our work looks in terms of the choice of paper we make and the adjustments we do to see it looking ‘just right’ in a final, beautiful, printed form. Printing is more than just a single, large photo for wall hanging; it includes making small prints for cards, or themed collections for photobooks which bring our work to life in a non digital, physical form, and give us a final conclusion to the creative process we started out on location.

  • How to get to Bordehill

    The adddress for Bordehill is: Borde Hill Ln, Haywards Heath RH16 1XP.  Coming from the north, take the M23 southbound. Bordehill is south of crawley and in the countryside north of Brighton.

  • Date


  • Duration

    2 days

  • Group Size


  • Included

    • Entrance to Bordehill for 2 days

    • 2 photography tutors

    • Printing and paper support

    • Exclusive fotospeed discount

    • All your materials for book making

  • Excluded

    • Subsistence

    • Insurance

    • Travel

    • Photography equipment

    • Accommodation