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Greek Island Odyssey


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This tour of three beautiful Greek islands in the Aegean sea is a wonderful chance to experience a Tripod Travels tour of this uniquely beautiful part of Greece and explore and develop your creativity with Alex and Lizzie, two experienced professional photographers.  

At present, we plan to run this workshop from 27th April to the 4th May 2022.  Once the travel picture becomes clearer we can see what flights are available and confirm this date because we may bring it forward to avoid Easter should cheaper flights and accommodation be more readily availble.  But until then, please work to these dates and email us to register your interest in a place on this exciting tour and we can hold a place for you subject to you agreeing the final cost and dates.

The Aegean takes its name after King Aegeus who hurled himself into it when his son, the demi god Theseus, hoisted black sails on the ship that bore him home, indicating he’d died at the hands of the Minotaur...welcome to the land of ancient myths, heroes, gods and goddeses..!


Our journey will take in two or three islands (depending on flights in and out) that sample the very best of a landscape defined by the sea, sun and light that caresses the deep blue Aegean and the whitewashed settlements, as it has since the time of Homer's great poems; The Illiad and Odyssey.  This is the proposed tour but we may change the order of places we visit and amount of time there to suit the flights in and out of these islands once we know what they are and to afford as much time as possible on the islands ding our photography and not travelling in between them.

Starting in Santorini we will explore the classic white washed urban landscape perched on the cliffs which encompass the volcano, still simmering away to this day, inside the caldera below.  This has to be one of the most beautiful examples of a Rustic landscape in harmony with the natural elements of sea, sky and light and we will explore the villages together and discuss a thematic and structured approach to capturing what we see and experience.

Next we will visit Milos where we will explore this gem of an island and the unusual rock it features.  It’s a calm place, less congested island than its Cycladean neighbours, and it will make a perfect way to explore something different on the creative journey we are embarking upon.

Unless we return to Santorini to fly home, our final stop will be Mykonos.  We will explore the labyrinth of alley ways and the myriad of colours as bougainvillea creeps up white washed walls towards the azure sky above.  The main town is a tightly constructed urban landscape that sits comfortably with the Aegean sea lapping its shoreline.  We will explore this relationship with the images we make here thinking about how different styles and techniques can help us convey our response to what we see and experience.

Creative Development

Thinking about the relationships between the light and the colours of both the natural and manmade landscape, how to distil these into our compositions and how to build a collection of images connected by a consistency of approach, style and/or subject will be our preoccupation on this tour.  

We expect to help you find a variety of ways to approach this classic landscape with your own way of seeing and interpretation so that you have a thematically connected set of images that capture your feelings about the place.

The emphasis of this tour is on more than just the locations we visit or viewpoints we find.   It’s also about developing your creative voice and what you want to say with your photography.  We will think about how we see and interpret the landscape.  We will explore our reasons for making our photographs and what it is we are saying with them together with what we might offer our viewers through our work.

Between Lizzie and Alex you have access to many years of creative landscape photography, academic and artistic theory, flair and passion for creative compositions, printing methods and handmade photo book making skills.  We will offer you insights on all these aspects and encouragement to create your own collection of photographs in your own style and based upon your vision with a view to presenting them as prints or within a handmade photo book on your return home.

At present, we plan to run this workshop from 26th April to the 2nd May 2022.  Once the travel picture becomes clearer we can see what flights are available and confirm this date and price.  But until then, please work to these dates and email us to register your interest in a place on this exciting tour and we can hold a place for you subject to you agreeing the final cost and dates,

Greek Island Odyssey FAQs

  • Where do I fly to & home from for the Greek Odyssey trip?

    We’ll probably start in Santorini because you can fly direct from London and Manchester.  Easy Jet fly regularly to to the island but post Covid 19 we'll have to see what their schedule is....  We’ll meet you at the airport and probably split a taxi fare between us to transfer us to the hotel.  We expect we'll run a kitty throughout the trip to pay for our local travel together as we can't know what this will be in advance and include it in the fee. 

    For the same reason (direct flights) we'll fly home from Santorini at the end unless we can find a manageable way to include a visit to Mykonos, which also has direct flights to the UK.  At this stage, we expect it will be more manageable and realsitc to visit Santorini and Milos.

  • If there’s a pandemic again, will I get my money back?

    Yes, unless we can reschedule the workshop we will refund you in cash or provide you with a credit note for a future workshop with us, whichever you prefer.  You must take out insurance at the time of booking as anything we pay out on your behalf for your rooms may not be recoverable.  Not all hotels in Greece offer any free cancellation  and experience tells us that even where they cancel the booking they don’t always refund.

  • What Sort Of Creative Experience Can I Expect In Greece?

    Lizzie and I have been full time photographers for many years now(!) and we both have a lot of experience in helping other photographers with their creative work. We both create images for our own artisitc direction as well as for our clients who we shoot to commission for. Alex has also taught photography at his local University and received a photogrpahic education under the eminent social documentary photogrpaheer, Dan Meadows, at Cardiff University. This means you have two established creatives working across a variety of photography styles and techniques who will gladly guide you in your own creative journey and make you think about  the direction you are taking with your work and what you wish to achieve.

  • If it’s Fully booked what can I do?

    Please get in touch via email or telephone and we can put you on the reserve list.  If a place becomes available we'll let you know.

  • How do I book the Greek Odyssey Tour

    We can’t put this tour live until travel arrangements are clearer but if you’d like to come, please email me or Lizzie and we will add you to the list of interested parties on a first come first served basis.

  • What Kit shall I bring To the Greek Islands?

    A camera, tripod and a selection of lenses - ideally covering ultra wide angle to telephoto.  Tripods are always preferable too.  Also spare batteries and memory cards and your laptop.

    If you don't have any filters (polariser, ND Grads, Stopper Filters etc) and want to try them and learn how to use them, we have kits you can borrow.  Just tell us in advannce.

    Also, bring good but light weight walking shoes and clothing for warm days and slightly chilly evenings. 

    Water bottle and sun cream will be handy as at times we will be out in the open but we are never far from a cafe or Taverna.

  • Date


  • Duration

    7 Nights

  • Group Size


  • Included

    • Accommodation

    • Photographic tuition

    • Lift share transport with Lizzie & Alex on Milos

    • Carbon Offset on your behalf

    • Loan of Lee filter kits

  • Excluded

    • Transport to Greece

    • Some local transfers by bus or taxi to our hotels

    • Inter island ferry transfers

    • Meals except breakfasts where included with the room

    • Personal Insurance, accident cover, travel insurance