Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

My chosen viewpoint of this scene allowed me to make a variety of compositions without needing to charge around looking for more as the light unfolded. It also meant I could calmly react to the light and find a composition that suited how it was illuminating the scene as the sun rose and the mist swelled in and around the recesses in the valley below. I'd made a number of wide angle shots of the scene and decided to try a frame filling shot of the farm house and rely on the strong backlighting to make the image work. Before the light had risen this high, this shot wold have failed for being flat and lifeless. Now though the sun was strong as it climbed ever higher and the colour temperature had shifted to a warm yellow. Here, my underused 2x teleconverter made a rare appearance; I needed the extra length on my 70-200mm lens to get close enough to fill the composition. EOS 5DMKII, 70-200mm and 2x teleconverter, 1/200 f11 ISO 100.

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