Alex Hare Photography

Alex Hare Photography

Landscape Photography

Welcome to my landscape & travel photogrpahy.

You can search for individual places or themes in the search box or enjoy the collections I have made that tell a more thorough story of each place.  Many images have detailed captions explaining technical and creative aspects to them.

For commercial image licensing please contact me.

What do these landscape mean? 

To me they mean everything.  They are my story, my experience, my celebration of nature, wonder, beauty, the sublime and my exploration of themes and subjects that interest me.  Evaluating our ongoing approach to nature and the earth and capturing the afection I feel for life, natural and mankind, summarise my main preoccupation with landscape photography.

For you, as viewer, its up to you what these photos mean to you.  As Susan Sontag said, the task of the viewer is to ‘squeeze more content out of the work than is already there.’ So over to you!  I hope you enjoy looking at them even half as much as I enjoyed making them.