Alex Hare Photography

Alex Hare Photography


Workshops are split between Short Courses (3 hours- 1 day) and Photo Tours (multi night stays).

If you would like to register your interest for any workshop please email me and I will compile a list and give you first refusal to book once dates are available.

Short Courses allow us to cover techniques whilst we enjoy a lovely location. 

Photo Tours are the ultimate experience; you come on a Tripod Travels photo tour with me and fellow professional landscape photographer Lizzie Shepherd. We will organise the whole trip into some stunning scenery where we concentrate on making new photographs in exciting landscapes staying in lovely hotels and eating great food! We also look at your creative development, explain techniques for using your kit, post produciotn skills and help you think more how to display your work beyond just social media accounts.

Through Tripod Travels we are donating to the Carbon Footprint fund, offsetting 1 tonne of CO2 per workshop client.