Alex Hare Photography

Alex Hare Photography


If you love photography and want to improve your technical knowledge with how the camera works and your creative skills then I have a range of workshops to choose from. 

My 3 hour short courses are for quick and easy tasters where we meet on location and run through techniques before shooting the light.  I also offer day long workshops around Kent where we extend the locations we can visit and what we can cover in the time together.  

For the ultimate experience, you can come on a Tripod Travels photo tour with me and professional landscape photographer Lizzie Shepherd. We will organise the whole trip as we travel into the heart of some stunning scenery where we will concentrate on pushing ourselves to produce fresh photographs in exciting landscapes.

Anyone can come on a workshop -it doesn't matter if you're new to photography or don't have a fancy camera. Workshops are about you discovering the skills and techniques you want to learn for your photography in the company of like-minded people.