Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

Linseed flowers for but a short period of time and only for a few hours each day. Such a fickle crop, yet so beautiful! This field has a lovely aspect to it catching the morning light and with the chicken coop perched on the brow of the gracefully arched hill I couldn’t ask for more. Well, come to think of it; it’d be nice if maybe someone was there serving fresh, warm coffee after an early rise in mid summer! Composition is dictated by the expanse of the field and the cloud above; a wide-ish angle lens is enough to keep the sweep of the foreground and balance the wisps of cloud above in a fairly 50/50 arrangement. Rule of thirds it may not be, but sometimes it just works when the elements come together. EOS 5DDMKIV, 24-70mm at 45mm, f16 ISO 50 0.8secs.

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