Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

I'd noticed these boats all moored up on the beach at Koh Phi Phi as our ferry pulled in and, as ever, wondered if I should just press on to the hotel for some much needed rest or grab the opportunity whilst it presented it self. I must have learnt the hard way because the urge to shoot the scene took over and, deep down, I know that it's unlikely the scene will ever be quite the same again. Maybe they always moor the boats up like that but maybe they don't. Maybe I wouldn't have had nice side light casting shadows on the wet sand. What caught my eye was the receding colour and pattern of the bows decorated with the scarves. I could 'see' a shot that isolated these and compressed the perspective so on went the trusty 70-200mm and careful focus on the red/blue/white scarf and I had my focal point around which the shallow depth of field would draw the attention.

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