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Field Notes

I've been fortunate to visit Santorini three times over the years and it's taken that long to become familiar with it from a photographic point of view. Finding the secret corners and the best views is not something that can happen with just a cursory look around. It takes time for this sun drenched island to open up it's doors and views to the photographer. This view summed up my feeling of the place; endless stairways to innumerable blue doors set in dome shaped white washed buildings overlooking a breathtaking sea view. Timed to be shot with the morning sun in view and the distant caldera on display I can't claim to have included the lady in the doorway too by design. She was a happy accident, a perfectly dressed lady in a perfectly poised stance gazing out to sea in the perfect position. For the technically minded, the shadows are filled in by reflected light hitting the buildings around me and bouncing into those shadow areas. Sometimes, it really does just all come together nicely.

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