Alex Hare Photography

Field Notes

Given the time, I will try and explore any location from as many angles as possible. The Opera House is well recognised in portrait from both the east and west view points but this view reveals an interesting insight into the shapely architecture that can't be seen from these locations. There is, however, a wrought iron fence obscuring this view from the elevated Botanical Gardens and a zealously enforced closing time to contend with. Fortunately, I spotted an exposed piece of rock on the other side of the fence and clambered onto it from the outside of the fence, all the time expecting some CCTV camera to alert security to my presence. Fortunately, angry 'officials' didn't appear and I was left in peace to photograph this view. I timed my exposure for the sweet spot of the evening light; when the sky turns an inky blue and before it goes dark and toneless. Construction work in the area below me dictated how much I could include in my composition but fortunately this didn't interfere with the main point of interest, although it was tricky to strike a balanced composition. So often there are these compromises that have to be made in an effort to take advantage of a location and conditions that are unlikely to be available to me again on a regular, easy basis. EOS 5DMKII, 24-70mm, 10secs, f8 ISO 100.

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