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Photo Book Making - Online


Next Date: 8th April 2022, please 'enquire' above if you'd like a place!

This online workshop is the first of 3 book biding courses I run with my friend Lizzie Shepherd. We cover making a concertina photo book on Course 1 before learning to print book pages (via Lightroom) and make a Japanese stab bound book on Course 2. Our Course 3 takes your book making one step further with some additonal techniques and options for making completely bespoke and unique books of your own design.

Course 1

On Course 1 we cover all the various types of books suitable for photographers, how to make a concertina (which we do together on the day) and how to think about sequencing. Sequencing is where we are creating a coherent set of images suitable for displaying in a photobook you design and make yourself.

If you don't have the kit yet, don't worry. As part of the course fee, you receive a free kit list (and links to buy items).  Once your kit arrives you are ready to attend a course!

You can see a brief sample video of the online tutorials we provide to support our face to face learning via Zoom, here. You wil have access to all the pre recorded videos showing all the techniques as part of the course fee.

The videos are your companion to the workshop and demonstrates the whole process and all the techniques so you can refer back at any stage you need to.

These workshops are run throughout the year.  Each workshop runs over a day to allow time for you to learn both sequencing methods and book making skills.

If you are interested in doing a book making course please email me and once we have a group of 6 we can set a date and get underway!

If you are part of a camera club or have friends interested in learning book making this is an ideal way to create an easy group of four to six people on a date that suits you all and run this workshop via Zoom.

Once you become a book maker, you might start to think of creating your photography with a book in mind and working to a personal project that will become your book.  The creative possibilities are endless and thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to helping you learn this lifelong skill.

Photo Book Making - Online FAQs

  • Testimonials for the Photo Book Making Workshop

    "Thank you so much for today, I really enjoyed it and your tuition as usual, was excellent!  I can now put into practice many ideas into my book making with both types of book, and am looking forward to spending many happy hours printing, sticking, cutting and creating some lovely mementoes of my photography."

    Claire Gilbert

    “This was an excellent online course with comprehensive content presented in a way which was easy to follow and practice. I now have the confidence to create my own concertina books and am looking forward to exploring these new creative outlets for my images - thank you Lizzie & Alex.”

    Jane Simmonds


    “I thought the course a great way of getting into bookmaking. I felt I was guided along the way and ended up with a book I was really proud of. I was also pleased that you went through the sequencing of images so covered the aesthetic as well as the practical side.”

    Susan McGilveray


    “Just completed my first handmade book - super fun few under the guidance of Lizzie and Alex who led the group through everything one needs to complete your first hard-backed, concertina book. Alex and Lizzie were forever supportive and encouraging, including presenting ideas about how to choose and sequence images for your book.  A hugely enjoyable two half days with a great sense of accomplishment which can repeated time and time again.  Now waiting for the next course!”

    David O’Brien


    “A well thought out and presented course with good supporting material that took me from complete novice to producing a very passable photobook in two mornings.”

    Nick Joyner

  • Why Are Photobooks a Good Idea?

    A photo book is a medium for displaying our work, from simple triptychs through to larger collections of images that might otherwise remain only on a hard drive.  

    Perhaps you have a collection of photos on a theme or from a specific trip or location and would like to display without having to single one or two out for being a larger framed print? 

     Photobooks make displaying a series of images easy and fun and making a photobook is simple and thoroughly enjoyable craft skill that is easy to learn.  With the skills to make your own book, you will have complete creative control over the whole process, from image creation to printing and display. The materials and equipment is simple and relatively cheap and it is a nice extension to the craft of photography and image making.

  • What sort of book will I make on the workshop?

    The book we will be making will be a hard covered (in material or paper, depending on what you choose to buy) 13x13cm book which will have pages that are 12x12cm (similar to the ones in these photos). So think in terms of small prints at this time and, ideally, square format photos. Once you can make this book, you can make any further book you like at any size!

    If you don’t have any images in mind at the moment, don’t worry – you can simply make your first book and then add photos in later on.  Your book will also be suitable for sketches, stencils hand written notes and you can stick in anything you wish!

  • What Kit Do I need For Bookmaking & Where Do I Buy It From?

    Book making kit is very inexpensive and I've created a e-book (see the e-book section of my site) which you wil receive for FREE as part of your workshop.  In there is a full kit list and links to all the places to buy it from.  If you're starting from scratch, budget on £80 for the tools and materials you'll need to make your first book. However, you may find you have some items already at home! By doing your workshop online, you'll save on travelling to a workshop and paying for food and accomodation so it's cheaper, overall, than.a face to face workshop.

  • How is the workshop delivered online?

    On the date of the workshop, all the attendees will join in the workshop via video conferencing software. Currently I am using Zoom. If you don't have a paid for account, don't worry, each part of the workshop is timed to last 40 minutes so we can have tea breaks in between!  You will also have exclusive access to a comprehensive video with 21 chapters that show you all the techniques you need to make your book. You can refer to this on the day and after the course to recap on any aspect of the whole process.

  • How is the workshop structured?

    Once you sign up to the workshop on the dates your group can attend, I will send you the kit list e-book so that you can order your items in advance of the workshop.  The workshop can be run over a single day but, for online delivery, usually it takes place over two consecutive half days.  On day 1 we learn how to use the kit and work with paper, explore different types of book and work out the design of your book along with a discussion on sequencing your work. On day 2 we review your images and sequencing decisions before we work together, step by step, to create your book. If you don't have your images ready, don't worry-you can stick them in later on!

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  • Duration

    1 day

  • Group Size


  • Included

    • Free Kit List and Where to Buy

    • Tuition on Sequencing

    • Tuition on Book making Skills

    • Full Video Support Tutorials

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    • Equipment