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Prague: when a wide angle lens just isn’t wide enough…

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography Techniques

During a recent trip to Prague I found a viewpoint over the market and city skyline from an adjacent tower that I knew could look amazing at dusk with all the lights on.  Problem was, even my 17mm wide angle lens wasn’t enough to fit it all in. In the past...



Creative Flash Photography on Location

Category: Flash, Wedding & Portrait Photography Techniques

Today’s assignment was a portrait photograph for business photograhy client. It was both a creative and technical challenge; the client wanted a shot that made the subject really stand out and celebrate her for their magazine cover.  This normally means going beyond a standard corporate head shot lighting! The lady...



A Photographer’s Photograph

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography Techniques

On my photography workshops, I’m often impressed by the quality and unusual angles, viewpoints and ideas people have for their photographs.  It’s not unknown for me to be left wondering ‘how did I not see that?!’.  Without any pressure from a client or agency to...



Business Photography Flash Settings

Category: Flash, Wedding & Portrait Photography Techniques

It seemed a simple request; come up to London, take some portraits for the company website, hand in the invoice, job done. The only thing was, could I please make sure my shots were lit exactly the same as all the other ones they did in Germany please? To be honest, getting requests for...



Margate Old Town Photography

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography Techniques

The Old Town in Margate has undergone considerable redevelopment in an effort to rejuvenate the town and improve the area.  As you can imagine, public opinion is divided on the merits of this and the prospects of reviving this old seaside town. However, one of the joys of being a photographer is that...



Painting with Light Photography Workshop

Category: NewsFlash, Wedding & Portrait Photography Techniques

My recent painting with light photography workshop with the Kent Photo Library was a lot of fun and something out of my normal type of photography. Four photographers with a torch each drawing themselves for a group shot.  Cameras set to a 30 sec exposure. This presented a challenge and a chance to do...



Business Photography Portrait

Category: Flash, Wedding & Portrait Photography Techniques

A busy photo shoot last week for Canterbury Christ Church University involved one of my favourite challenges-a portrait of someone “in their element’. By this they meant they had a Professor who was doing some ground breaking research and he was being interviewed for a magazine and they required a shot of...



Creating Photographs with Impact

Category: Landscape &Travel Photography Techniques

Reviewing some photographs for a submission to my agency made me think about what features of my work I was judging before I put them before the critical eye of my editor. Being able to critically asses one’s own work is a skill; no one likes to hear criticism, but when it...

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