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iMac USB port problem solved!

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

I like a tidy desk.  Not so tidy that I look like I have too much time on my hands, but tidy in the sense that there's no piles of unsorted paperwork littered everywhere or cables lying around like a box of snakes has been emptied on my desk. The number of...



Landscape Photography Clothing: what works, what doesn’t…

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

One of the chilliest spots I've been at; St Margaret's Bay in mid winter at night.  The cold north wind coming stright off the sea was biting and, log exposre or timelapse work requires spending periods of 45 mins or more by the tripod.  Standing around for this much time can...



New Photography Kit List, but what deals can you get?

Category: Kit, Caboodle & ReviewsLandscape &Travel Photography Techniques

I’ve had a bit of re vamp of my photography kit.  It’s cost me a small fortune but it’s nice to have some new toys to play with! Most of this stuff is on everyone’s shopping list so I’ll run through it and...



Why have I bought Canon’s 16-35mm f4 lens?

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

Canon’s release of updated wide angle lenses, in particular the 16-35mm f4 and 16-35mm f2.8 has been widely welcomed as this area has always been seen as the weakest link in their lens line up, especially compared to the Nikon offerings. So much so, in fact, that some pro&rsquo...



Canon 17-40mm vs 16-35mm f4 vs 17mm TSE Lenses

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

I’ve just taken delivery of Canon’s 16-35mm f4 lens.  I’ll write separately about the reasoning behind this choice (and the other new kit I’ve bought) because here I just want to look at comparing the 17-40mm f4 with the new 16-35mm f4...



Walking Boots for Landscape Photography

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

Everyone has a view on the best footwear for outdoor pursuits so here’s my take on the one’s I’ve tried, those that have failed miserably to those that I find will carry me to the end of time it self… There’s plenty of marketing hype...



Freezing Motion with your Flash

Category: Flash, Wedding & Portrait Photography Techniques

A frenetic day with a client on location producing shots for the sports pages of their website included a request for a ‘cool’ shot that showed someone sprinting (not blurred) with their RGB laser, training lights on inside the gym. Time was short and a lot had to be considered; placing the...



Which Tripod to Buy

Category: Kit, Caboodle & Reviews

This, as ever, is a personal decision based no doubt on budget, size and weight.  But let me try and give some insight into the other factors that should be as much a part of your decision making as price alone. My view is this; the best tripod you can buy is the...

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