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Royal Crescent, Bath
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Royal Crescent, Bath

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Field Note : I'm delighted that this photograph has been Highly Commended in the 2012 Landscape Photographer of The Year competition. It was taken on a blustery day with showers aplenty but I felt change was always possible and opted to set up and see if a shaft of light would illuminate my subject, however briefly. I opted for a panoramic format image and set my camera up with the appropriate settings to make a hi res image during the few seconds the light was flooding through the clouds. I've always liked the photograph-it's a real triumph of vision and camera craft over weather and light adversity. It doesn't always happen that way, in fact more often than not it's a case of 'try again another day', but not this time. The problem with this location is that, whilst it's obvious a photograph is there to be taken, finding a composition that works is not easy. The scene is flat; there's no sense of depth to it and even the building is quite distant with no obvious lead into the scene. This is where the lighting is crucial; coming in from back left it side lights the scene and picks out contrast in the repeating pattern of the buildings' columns. Coupled with the warm, saturated colours the light is what makes the difference here. The composition is important though; cars blight a photograph of the Royal Crescent but by lowering the camera the grass has obscured part of the car parking area and hidden them. Normally this is a 'no-no' as it blocks the visual journey through the photograph but, as this is a pano, we look at it more left to right than we do bottom to top so this compromise doesn't adversely affect the aesthetics. The lighting and conditions are such that I doubt this scene could be reproduced without considerable patience and time and I therefore offer this image as a limited edition print (in a run of 250).

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